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Digital Doula© - $800.00 - All Prenatals will be done via Zoom or Skype

You want the support of a doula but have decided that because you are getting an epidural ​you don't need one.  Or you have already decided on who you want at your birth and don't want to ditch one to have a doula present.  Or you are nervous about early labour and when to go to the hospital and feel you could benefit from the postpartum support, you just don't feel you need a doula present for the entire birth.  Then this is the package for you!

  • Two In-Person prenatal visits.

    • Visit One to discuss  your birth options and provide assistance in creating a realistic birth plan/wish list.  Answer any questions and offer tips for managing early labour and what to expect. 

    • Visit Two can be either a Comfort Measures Class to go over pain management strategies or an Infant Care Class to  learn about what to do when baby gets home. 

    • If you wish to have the Comfort Measure Class and the Infant Care Class, for three prenatals, add $100 for the extra visit. 

  • Support by telephone, text and email as needed during your pregnancy, during the day, for questions and updates.   

  • 24 hour a day, on-call availability from 2 weeks before your estimated due date. 

  • Once in labour, your doula will be available via phone, text and or FaceTime for questions, suggestions or any concerns you may have, regardless of time of day or night.  She will be your "phone a friend" when you don't know what to do or have questions.    

  • One or Two In-Person postpartum visits to answer parenting questions, breastfeeding support, infant care questions or to just talk about the birth experience.  Visits are approximately 2 hours in length.  

  • Phone and text support, during business hours after the final visit for questions or updates.  

Standard Package - $1300.00 - Only for due dates after July 1, 2020

  • 1 Prenatal visits to discuss your needs and desires.

  • Provide assistance in creating a realistic birth plan/wish list

  • Help you prepare for your birth

  • Review coping strategies and answer any questions you may have

  • Support by telephone and email as needed during your pregnancy and immediate postpartum period

  • 24 hour on-call availability from 2 weeks before your estimated due date

  • Labour support from the beginning of active labour (or earlier if you needed it) at home or at the hospital.

  • Emotional, physical and informational support during labour, birth and up to two hours after your birth

  • One at home postpartum visit to see how you are doing and provide support and resources.

  • No 12 hour clause* and no charge for initial consultation.

BirthPlus Package - $1550.00 (Most Sought After!) - Only for due dates after July 1, 2020

Includes all the same prenatal and birth support in our Standard Package with the addition of 3 private in-home Breastfeeding support visits, and unlimited 24 hour call/email/text support through the completion of your final visit, which is highly beneficial when you get home with your newborn and have those middle of the night questions or concerns. 

BirthWise Package - $2100.00 - Only for due dates after July 1, 2020

Includes all the same prenatal and birth support in our Standard Package with the addition of 30 hours of in-home postpartum support (6 x 5 hour days) to be used within 4 weeks after the birth.  Postpartum service dates to be confirmed within one week of the birth.  Postpartum services include loving support so that the new parent feels rested, well nourished and the house is kept in good order so the new parents can focus their energies on the baby.  Newborn care practices taught and confidence instilled.

Package Add-Ons

Add the following classes or breastfeeding support options to any of our birth or postpartum packages for a complete birthing or postpartum experience. Until July 1, 2020 all in-home classes and support will be done virtually via Zoom Meeting or Skype. 

BreastWise Support - $300.00

  • 3 private in home breastfeeding support visits and unlimited 24hr call/email/text support through the completion of your final visit.

  • This service provides reassurance and perspective to you and your partner

  • Suggestions for latch changes, positioning and other techniques for comfort milk

  • Can not be added to the BirthPlus Package. 

Private In-home Infant Care Class - $150.00

  • 3 hour private class to discuss

    • Newborn appearance​

    • Diapering and Dressing

    • Grooming and bathing

    • Soothing a crying baby

    • What normal newborn sleep is and what to expect and tips to cope

    • Questions about any of the newborn gear and items you may have been given

    • Handouts included

Private In-home Comfort Measures Class - $150.00

  • 3 hour private class to:

    • Create a birth preferences page based on your birth desires and options

    • Discuss and practice non-medical comfort measures including

      • Use of a birth ball

      • Hydrotherapy

      • Various position changes

      • Massage​

      • Double hip squeeze and counter pressure to manage back labour

    • Answer any birth related questions you may have

* 12 hour clause explained

At the point when the doula has been with you for 12 hours, an hourly rate is charged.  It is not our practice to leave clients or to charge more after a certain period of time, but we do however, reserve the right to call in a back up after 24hrs at no additional cost to the client.

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