Classes - All classes will be held virtually until after July 1, 2020

Private Infant Care Class - $140.00 - Done via Zoom Meeting

Private In-Home infant care classes 3 hours in length to discuss:

  • Newborn appearance

  • Diapering and dressing

  • Grooming and bathing baby

  • Holding and carrying baby, including baby wearing

  • Soothing a crying baby, including swaddling

  • Normal newborn sleep expectations and tips

  • Questions about any gear or baby items you have been given 

Contact us for details on private infant care classes

Large Heading

Private Comfort Measure Class - $140.00 - Done via Zoom Meeting

Private In-Home class to discuss and practice comfort measures and create a birth preferences page.  3 hours in length to discuss:

  • Create a birth preferences page based on your birth options 

  • Discuss and practice non-medical comfort measure options 

    • Birth Ball​

    • Hydrotherapy

    • Various position changes

    • Massage

    • Double Hip squeeze and counter pressure

  • Answer any birth related questions you may have

Contact us for details on private comfort measure classes

Private Prenatal Classes - 4 weeks - via Zoom Meeting - $150.00

Classes are approximately 2.5 hrs in length, either during the day or evening for four sessions.  

Price includes hand outs and text and email support from your prenatal teacher after the class is over.  

Topics covered include:

  • Anatomy and Physiology

  • All About Vaginal Birth

  • Interventions and Decision Making

  • Medical Pain Management

  • Non-Medical Pain Management

  • Cesarean Birth and Recovery

  • Postpartum Recovery - Physical and Emotional

  • Birth Planning and Postpartum Planning

  • Infant Feeding

Message us for information on available dates. 

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