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Private Infant Care Class - $160.00

Private In-Home infant care classes 3 hours in length to discuss:

  • Newborn appearance

  • Diapering and dressing

  • Grooming and bathing baby

  • Holding and carrying baby, including baby wearing

  • Soothing a crying baby, including swaddling

  • Normal newborn sleep expectations and tips

  • Questions about any gear or baby items you have been given 

Contact us for details on private infant care classes

Large Heading

Private Comfort Measure Class - $160.00

Private In-Home class to discuss and practice comfort measures and create a birth preferences page.  3 hours in length to discuss:

  • Create a birth preferences page based on your birth options 

  • Discuss and practice non-medical comfort measure options 

    • Birth Ball​

    • Hydrotherapy

    • Various position changes

    • Massage

    • Double Hip squeeze and counter pressure

  • Answer any birth related questions you may have

Contact us for details on private comfort measure classes

Group Prenatal Classes - $180.00

Group classes at a down town hospital.  

Topics covered include:

  • Anatomy and Physiology

  • All About Vaginal Birth

  • Interventions and Decision Making

  • Medical Pain Management

  • Non-Medical Pain Management

  • Cesarean Birth and Recovery

  • Postpartum Recovery - Physical and Emotional

  • Birth Planning and Postpartum Planning

  • Infant Feeding

Weekend Classes - Message us for information on available dates.  Support@TorontoDoulaGroup.com