Digital Doula©️ Support

Our Digital Doula©️ Support Package is very similar to our Basic Birth Package except that all in person support is done over the phone, text and Zoom or WhatsApp meetings.  We also add more support person trainings so that your one support person can better help you and themselves during your birth.  Our virtual support package includes the following:

  • Free virtual group prenatal class and virtual group infant care class

  • 2 Zoom meeting prenatals to help prepare you for your birth with realistic options and discussions on what to expect during your labour.  We also discuss ways to help you manage your discomfort so that you can stay home longer before heading into the hospital.  In the past if you showed up too early you would be sent home, however now it is more likely that you will be kept in hospital, thus making your stay even longer.

  • Preparing a realistic birth plan / discussion paper to have open honest communication with your health care team

  • A Cheat sheet/Booklet will be prepared for your partner to give them tips and reminders for labour as it progresses.  

  • Early labour support via phone, text or video chat (WhatsApp or FaceTime) to offer suggestions for comfort, position changes and help determine if what you are feeling is true labour or practice labour.  

  • Support via video conferencing, text or phone calls as needed, to offer suggestions for position changes, offer support and encouragement, prepare you for what may come next and answer any and all questions you or your support person may need, during your labour.

  • After the birth your doula is available to help with virtual breast/chest feeding support, talk about the experience, offer suggestions and resources for your postpartum recovery and answer all those questions that you may have about being a new parent, how to manage sleep and what's normal and what's not about this new little human you have now.  

    • Virtual postpartum support is available during the day and will last for three weeks after you come home with baby to make sure everything is working and you are comfortable.  

  • If you need more virtual postpartum support, beyond the three weeks it is available for $30/day

Cost:  $1000.00 tax included

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