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Digital Doula 

Ever wonder what you might do as you get closer to your due date and your body starts changing and cramps and fluids start appearing?  You don’t have an appointment with your doctor or midwife for a few weeks and going to the hospital doesn’t make you feel comfortable.  So how about calling or texting your Digital Doula? 


Prior to going into labour your Doula will help you create a realistic birth plan, prepare you for your early labour at home, answer your questions about the strange mucous you have discovered when you went to the bathroom, helping you determine if what you are feeling is Braxton Hicks or the real deal, suggest comfort measure strategies and, with their expertise and calm voice, let you know that what you are feeling is normal. They will also help you decide when the best time is to go to the hospital, so you don’t go too early and end up stuck in the waiting room until you are ready to be admitted.  


During your labour at the hospital, your Doula will be that “phone a friend” option to answer questions, get advice on comfort measures, help you decide if your birth plan needs to change, offer suggestions and information and help sort out what questions to ask the care provider.  


After your birth, when you are home with this new human, your doula will be available for those new parent / new baby questions, such as, “Is the poop supposed to be that colour?” “The baby never wants to be put down, what can I do?” And of course, through some angled phone positions, help with infant feeding questions, latches, positioning and resources so that feeding is more successful.  


Kim and Steph are experts on Virtual and In-person support, and they can be there for you during this unpredictable time. 


Our virtual support package includes the following:

  • 2 Zoom meeting prenatals to help prepare you for your birth with realistic options and discussions on what to expect during your labour.  We also discuss ways to help you manage your discomfort so that you can stay home longer before heading into the hospital.  In the past if you showed up too early you would be sent home, however now it is more likely that you will be kept in hospital, thus making your stay even longer.

  • Preparing a realistic birth plan / discussion paper to have open honest communication with your health care team

  • Early labour support via phone, text or video chat (WhatsApp or FaceTime) to offer suggestions for comfort, position changes and help determine if what you are feeling is true labour or practice labour.  

  • Support via video conferencing, text or phone calls as needed, to offer suggestions for position changes, offer support and encouragement, prepare you for what may come next and answer any and all questions you or your support person may need, during your labour, including while you are in hospital. 

  • After the birth your doula is available to help with virtual breast/chest feeding support, talk about the experience, offer suggestions and resources for your postpartum recovery and answer all those questions that you may have about being a new parent, how to manage sleep and what's normal and what's not about this new little human you have now.  

    • We are pleased to add one in-person visit (if you are local) once you are home provided you have received your covid vaccine and is dependent on current covid numbers and governmental restrictions​.
    • Virtual postpartum support is available during the day and will last for three weeks after you come home with baby to make sure everything is working and you are comfortable.  

  • If you need more virtual postpartum support, beyond the three weeks it is available for $35/session

Cost:  $800.00 tax included 

(If In Person Support becomes available in your hospital and you wish to switch to in person support, the price will change to $1500.00)

Virtual doula support

Digital Doula©️ Hybrid Package

If you’ve read the above but feel like you need a bit more in-person support, we give you, the Digital Doula Hybrid. Here we offer to growing families:

  • 3 in-person breast/chestfeeding support visits in addition to the full services offered in Digital Doula.

  • Your doula comes to you the day you arrive home and we get you comfortable feeding your wee one. 

Cost: $1300.00 tax included

(If In Person Support becomes available in your hospital and you wish to switch to in person support for your birth, the price will change to $1750)

Best Start Support Package

Don’t feel like you need Birth Support, but still want to proactively set up support for feeding your new little one(s)? Then through 3 private in-home infant feeding support visits and unlimited 24hr call/email/text support through the completion of your final visit, we often discuss these primary parent concerns. 


  • how partners can be strong supports

  • how skin to skin contact helps establish feeding communications

  • where milk comes from and how to ensure a great supply

  • the essentials of knowing how to express milk

  • what is 'normal' newborn feeding behaviour

  • establishing a latch and positioning your baby at the breast/chest

  • understanding the relationship between happy babies and full tummies

  • where to get support beyond our scope

  • ask questions and get answers!

Cost: $300.00 tax included

Birth Planning Session

Don't think you need the full birth support of a virtual doula, but want to plan ahead for what to expect? Then set up a birth planning session with one of our fabulous doulas.  We will discuss your options and how to achieve your birth vision.  Usually taken after your prenatal classes, we can offer further education on topics, and help you put together a realistic plan for you and your support person as well as offer tips and tricks to achieve that plan. 

Cost: $50.00 tax included

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