Available Topics For Mentorship Meetings

  • Determining Your Target Market

  • Marketing Materials, What To Have, Where To Put Them

  • Website Set Up

  • Determining Packages and Services Offered and How To Price Them?

  • How To Network With Other Doulas and Birth Professionals

  • Prenatal Visits - The Structure and What Happens

  • Postnatal Visits - The Structure and What Happens

  • How To Manage The On-Call Period

  • How To Manage Early Labour As A Doula

  • How To Survive A Long Labour

  • Contract Set Up

  • Dressing For Labour and Birth and What's In Your Doula Bag

  • What Would You Do Scenarios

  • You Time Your Choice - If there is a topic you wish to discuss or go over a scenario you faced, this time is your time. 

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