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Induction 101

For first time parents who are faced with having their labour medically induced, to explain what to expect, and how to manage an induced labour.

I was induced three times!


When I came to the end of my pregnancy with my first son, my midwife decided to encourage my son to come.  She did a couple of stretch and sweeps over the course of my 40th week, and then at 8 days past my due date I went into the hospital to have my labour artificially started.  We started with a couple of doses of prosteglandin and then waters breaking and then an epidural and pitocin.  I ended up giving birth late the next day.  

I think my biggest issue with having the induction is that I was never told what to expect.  I was never told the steps that would be take or how things may possibly end up.  I was never told the risks and benefits.  And besides being over that 40 week date I was never told that my birth was being induced because I had a large baby as well.  

Granted I never asked, but as a first time parent, I didn't know what to ask. I trusted my care provider.  I was not prepared for how the birth would unfold. 

As a doula, I often see birthing parents agreeing to an induction but not being given the benefits, risks and alternatives.  Not even being told what to expect, or how the induction would be done.  Because there are a variety ways an induction can start and unfold.  So I've created a 40 minute video to explain the various details of why and how inductions are done. As well as offering my tips and tricks as a doula in how to manage a medically induced labour. 

This online class will allow you to watch at your convenience, offer you questions to ask your care provider and give you important insight into how to manage an induced labour. 

Here Is What You Get: 

I have been a Doula and Childbirth Educator since 2006 and one thing I've learned is that when I teach a class, the parents will always remember how I gave them confidence and removed the fear from what's ahead of them, but they may not remember specific things we talked about.  Let me help you with both.  

This video is not meant to change your mind on your induction but to help you with understanding what to expect.  

We will walk you through:

  • Why medical inductions are done

  • How they are done and the medical procedures involved

  • What the benefits and risks of those procedures are so you can make an informed decision on your help

  • Help you form questions to ask your care provider so you can feel comfortable with any decisions you need to make

  • Tips and tricks to manage your induced labour including the use of epidurals and non-medical comfort measures.

You will also have access to the video for 2 months.  This allows you watch at your own pace, when you have the time and not when a class is scheduled.  We all have crazy busy lives these days and there are some days when just sitting on another zoom call is not going to work for you.  Or you may be a bit stressed about going into groups given the current situations.  Well you don't have to.  You can watch from the comfort of your own home, in your comfy sweats and fuzzy slippers.  

There is also a detailed handout with useful information and resources. This PDF can be downloaded to your phone and be available anytime you need it.  

Meet Your Educator


Hey There!!!

My name is Kimberley Fernandez and I'm the childbirth educator!  I'm a ridiculously proud mum to three incredible young adults.  They constantly keep me on my toes and because of them I'm always learning and laughing and driving....constantly driving.  When I'm not teaching, I can be found binge watching British Mysteries, Doctor Who, and so many more shows, as well as perfecting my Animal Crossing Island and my Stardew Valley farm.  And did I mention driving my children every where? Which I don't mind doing because it lets me listen to music and podcasts. 

I became a Doula and Childbirth Educator back in 2006 after the birth of my third baby.  I had kind of a crappy experience with her birth and I decided to look into how I could change that for others.  Put it this way, the labour was unmedicated (my first) and my husband fainted during the pushing stage.  Suffice to say, we could have used some help.

Being a Doula I learned involved a lot of education for my clients.  Even if they had taken prenatal and after birth classes, they still had a lot of questions.  Therefore it was a natural progression to become a childbirth educator.  

Now a days, because of covid and because the major downtown hospital I work at is offering only virtual classes, I thought it would be great to offer pre-recorded classes that anyone can take, not just those birthing at my hospital.  And here we are. 

I wanted to make these classes not only informative but also entertaining.  So don't be surprised if I offer a joke or two and some funny stories along the way.  I like to call it Edu-tainment.  Learning doesn't have to be boring and I also like to take the scary part of being a new parent out of the equation.  

Value - $50 (Save 40%)

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