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The Pragmatic Doulas Retreat

Do you need a break from the hustle and bustle of life? Do you want to spend that time with like minded individuals discussing your favourite topic, your doula work?  Do you want to learn new skills that you didn't get a chance to learn in your on-line doula training? 

Then this retreat is for you!!!


This retreat offers you accommodations, food and good company, in the picturesque community of Blue Mountain.  A 10 min walk to the village, plus a hot tub.  You can learn and relax all at the same time. 

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Suzanne, Kim and Stephanie will lead you through several discussions on topics ranging from Physical Doula Support, Managing VBACs to Marketing Outside The Box and so much more. 


This Workshop Is For You!

Whether you are a brand-new doula or a seasoned professional in the field of birth work, we have you covered.

And who doesn't love just sitting around talking about birthy stuff for hours on end.  

And trust us, your family will appreciate you taking a weekend off from sharing your birth work stories with them.  

Meet The Pragmatic Doulas


Suzanne is a career Doula with 20 years of experience, walking almost all the paths of birth work.  She recognizes that each doula's journey is unique and is defined by their own passion and lived experience.  So as a Doula-Mentor, good solid support defined by respect and knowledge is her calling card

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Kimberley is a certified Birth and Postpartum Doula as well as a Childbirth Educator and has been working with families since 2006.

Her passion is teaching and working with clients virtually all over the Ontario.

Educating parents and doulas alike is her happy place, and she does so with compassion and humour, meeting her students where they are in their beliefs and experiences. 

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With 20 years of experience, centering on those birthing after cesarean, Stephanie cultivates positive birth experiences by supporting families in their preparation for, during and after birth. 

Stephanie envisions a time where parents, care providers and birthing systems will work together to prevent the unnecessary primary cesarean, and to offer those who choose VBAC respectful, collaborative, community care. 

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Friday Night

After checking in and getting settled, there will be an evening cocktail party with non-alcoholic beverages (BYOB) and appetizers 

Get to know one another and network with all the other participants


After breakfast there will be 2 informative talks by Suzanne and Kim.

After lunch there will be an informative discussion by Stephanie as well as an open panel chat with all three Pragmatic Doulas to ask any and all questions you may have.  

After which you will have free time and dinner on your own in the Blue Mountain village.

Evening entertainment afterwards. 


After breakfast there will be a skills workshop to demonstrate and practice birth and postpartum physical comfort measures, that you may have missed out on in a virtual doula training.  

Doula at Home



Private Accommodation
You will have your own private room

Plus - Breakfast both mornings, Lunch on the first day and snacks at the Friday night welcome party



Shared Accommodation 
You will be sharing a room with 3 other doulas in a bunk style room.

Plus - Breakfast both mornings, Lunch on the first day and snacks at the Friday night welcome party



No Accommodation

Do you live in the area? Join us for the workshop only and arrange your own accommodation

Plus - Lunch on the first day and snacks at the Friday night welcome party


Refund Policy: As a doula, we understand that our time is not always our own.  However, you will be responsible for getting a back up for your time away.  

Should you need to cancel, on or before September 16th, 2024, you will receive a refund, minus a 20% service fee.  

After September 16th, 2024 no refund will be given.  

Register For The Retreat

Once you have registered you will receive an email with instructions for payment

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