Our Doulas

Kimberley Fernandez

Kimberley is a CAPPA Certified Labour Doula, Certified Childbirth Educator and  Postpartum Doula.  She has been working with families as a doula since 2006.  She is also a Registered Doula of Ontario with the Association of Ontario Doulas as well as a published author. 


She currently teaches prenatal classes at St Michael's hospital.  She is also a board member of the Ontario Doula Association covering Certification and Accreditation for the association. 

Kim and her doula sisters also do a weekly podcast called The Pragmatic Doulas. 

Apart from her extensive work with new mothers and their families over the past ten years, Kimberley is most proud to be the mum of her three amazing children.

Kim is currently taking a break from physically attending births but is still assisting birthing parents through our Digital Doula© Package.  She is also focusing her attention on teaching birthing parents, doing postpartum check ins and mentoring new doulas. 

Stephanie Alouche

Stephanie has provided both birth and postpartum Doula support to growing families in and around the GTA since 1996.  She provides breastfeeding support to new families in their homes, offers placenta encapsulation, a parenting mentor program, but above all LOVES her birth doula work. 

Stephanie is the proud mother of 4 very healthy children all of whom came into the world by a wide variety of circumstances.  Her own diverse range of personal birth and breastfeeding experiences has brought her to a passion for healthy birthing practices and research based DONA & CAPPA education.  


Travels through the Netherlands with Waterbirth International solidified her stance that birth options and respect are the keys to positive birth experiences. Now, helping families navigate information regarding Cesarean Prevention, VBAC & Family Centered (skin to skin) Cesarean are of particular interest.

Need nursing wear & bras? Ask her about her new Canadian made clothing line! 

Suzanne Lim

As the mother of five beautiful children, all born in a variety of situations and locations, you could say Suzanne has been around the block!

The most important thing you need to know about her, however, is that she will respect YOUR birth experience.

Over the past 17 years, she has dedicated herself to providing expectant parents with evidence based information and compassionate, down-to-earth support.


Since becoming a DONA (Doulas of North America) trained labour and birth doula, she has worked with hundreds of families- helping to guide them through the birth process and the postpartum transition time.

She has attended all types of births:  hospital and home births, births attended by OBs and midwives, un-medicated, epidural and cesarean births.

She is also a childbirth educator and has taught hundreds of families about the wonders and rigors of labour and birth.

She appreciates and respects the diversity of all family life.

Jennifer Drieberg

Jennifer is a CAPPA certified birth and postpartum doula with over 6 years experience supporting families through pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. 

She specializes in postpartum overnight care with twins/multiples, and is well experienced with over 100 births attended. 

She is the mother of 3 beautiful children, ages 17, 9 & 5, her youngest child was born at home in a birth pool, and considers herself to be an experienced home birther as well. 


Her decision to become a doula came as a natural progression of her life's journey. She feels that her experiences have brought her to this place and she perceives that she can offer support, information and knowledge to all types of women and families.  She feels that her role as a doula is to assist the mother on her journey of self-discovery into the inner power she already possesses to be in control of her special birth experience.

As part of a Birth Support Team, she is allowed the utmost humble experience of sharing the precious and intimate environment of a woman birthing her child. This is one of the esteemed privileges in her life and she attends these journeys with tenderness, open ears and always kind and available eyes.

Rhiannon Langford

Rhiannon's career began working internationally in the non-profit sector, trying to find herself and make a difference along the way. While working on a maternal mental health documentary with the BBC, her eyes were opened to how hard moms have it. She was livid hearing stories of how people went through birth trauma, or medical mistreatment, or had no support after leaving the hospital. This was something that needed to change.


Since her experience with the BBC in 2017, Rhiannon has devoted her life to helping parents take back their power. Rhiannon studied Bioethics at Columbia University, focusing on birth justice and human rights for parents in the medical system. Her Doula training includes StillBirthday, BeboMia, with additional training in comfort measures by Brilliant Birth Academy & Gena Kirby Rebozo. She is obsessed with learning, constantly taking courses on doula support, nutrition, postpartum mood and anxiety disorders, breastfeeding, and aromatherapy.


Rhiannon’s happy place includes a cup of matcha, an HGTV marathon in the background, and a snuggle with her puppy niece Winnie the Wheaten.

All Toronto Doula Group Doulas listed on our Doulas page are trained and/or certified and members in good standing and insured with the Association of Ontario Doulas

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