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Birth Classes
Online Classes For First Time Parents


Now a days our time is more precious than ever.  And as you go through your pregnancy​ you may find you have so many questions about what to expect, what your options are for birth and maybe you are a little worried about the birth itself. 

Then these online classes are a great option for you.  These videos will walk you through our standard prenatal classes and we will be able to answer any questions you may have after you have viewed a portion of or all of the class.  

Classes Available


Medical Induction 101 - $40.00

All of my pregnancies ended in medical inductions for one reason or another.  With my first I never knew what to expect.  I was basically told to show up on a certain day, at a certain time and that was all I knew. 

This video class will lay out for you the following: 

  • Why medical inductions are done.

  • What procedures are involved in medical inductions 

  • Plus tips and tricks to managed an induced labour

After watching this video class, you will have the knowledge to make the best decisions for you and your baby.  You will also be able to ask your doctor questions that will help you decide if a medical induction is right for you. 

Infant Care Workshop - $50.00 (Value $125.00)

Getting home from the hospital with my first baby was stressful and my partner and I were basically clueless.  We took prenatal classes but besides learning how to diaper a baby we really didn't learn much.  

This video class will cover for you the following: 

  • Newborn appearance (They don't look like clean three month olds)

  • Diapering and dressing

  • Bathing and hygiene

  • Soothing and swaddling

  • Infant sleep

  • And much more

Including printable handouts with so much more information.


Breast/Chest Feeding - $50.00


Feeding your baby is one of the biggest concerns I hear as a Doula.  I was very lucky, in that I had a lot of help from the NICU nurses who basically spent most their time with me in helping me position and latch baby. I've created this class to help you get started right. 

This class includes: 

  • How to know baby is ready to feed

  • How to know baby is getting enough

  • Latches and positioning

  • What to expect in the first 24 hours, first few days, first few weeks

  • Bottle feeding and formula feeding

  • E-Book Included

  • And more

Relaxation & Comfort Measures - $60.00 (Value - $120.00)

This virtual workshop will cover relaxation techniques as well as physical comfort measures to help you feel more in control of your labour and experience less discomfort as you bring your child into the world.

This class includes: 

  • Pain Theory

  • Relaxation & Self Hypnosis

  • Physical Comfort Measures To Utilize During Labour

  • Tips and Techniques For Your Support Person 

  • Handouts Included

  • And more


If you would prefer live virtual classes please contact Kim directly. 


I just wanted to reach out and thank you for the incredibly useful resources and information you provided in the prenatal and infant care classes.  I felt incredibly prepared for labour and delivery.  Your class helped me to feel able to respond to challenges and make tough decisions when needed. 

Now that the babies are here, I have lost count of the number of times we have said "remember what doula Kim said..." as we've faced new challenges and figured out this new life with babies. 

I hadn't realized how much we learned in advance, which really helped us feel informed and prepared for the first month with the twins. 

~ Julia G

Kimberley is amazing! If it wasnt for COVID, would have loved to have had her with us during delivery! So knowledgeable and relaxed while delivering the information. Always available to answer questions afterwards. So very much appreciated from a FTM. Thank you!

- AP

Kimberley was phenomenal! I felt infinitely more comfortable, prepared, ready and excited after completing this class. This was of course in part due to the content and information but also largely based on Kimberley's approach and demeanor. Massive thanks to Kimberley for being a part of our journey!

- WB

I wanted to introduce you to XXXX She arrived on XXXXXXX and all went well.  The knowledge we gained from the course got us through the delivery and first week like old pros.  Thank you!  

~ Shaina D

Kim was an excellent instructor! Very patient and allowed lots of time for questions. Thanks Kim!

- KT

Kim - thank you so much for your classes! I loved how you made us all feel so re-assured about this new journey we are going to embark on and disspelled so many myths we are made to believe. Your classes have been deeply insightful and I cannot wait for my infant care classes coming up with you!!

- SM

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