Self Paced Learning

Do you want to get all the information you need to have a well informed, empowered birth? But you also still want to ask questions have an instructor that will answer those questions should have any? Maybe you work off hours and attending a live class in the evening or on the weekends isn't possible for you.  

Then our self guided learning videos are a great option for you.  These videos will walk you through our standard prenatal classes and we will be able to answer any questions you may have after you have viewed a portion of or all of the class.  

Programs Available


Hospital Packing List Discussion - Free

One of the biggest questions I get in prenatal classes is, "What should we take to the hospital?" The internet is full of lists, so many lists of what to pack.  However, one is why this particular item? Well I've created a short video to go over in more detail what we recommend you bring with you to your birth.  This video will also come with a printable list of what is discussed, as well as a printable list of What To Eat during labour.  

Birth Planning Discussion - Free

"What is a Birth Plan?" "Do I even need one?"  "I've heard the hospital staff doesn't look at them."  "I've heard the hospital staff laughs and throws them away."  Have you heard these comments about birth plans? As a veteran birth coach and hospital based childbirth educator, I can tell you the staff does look at them.  And I do think you need one.  Birth plans aren't rules for your birth, but discussion points with your care provider, and a guide for your support person on what is important to you in your birth.  It's an education tool to use to learn all about what you may face in your birth. 

This video comes with a printable example of a birth plan.  If you have more questions or need more support in preparing a Birth Wish List, we have a birth planning session available to help you plan your birth and make your birth wish list for just $50.00. 


Medical Induction - What To Expect And How To Manage It - $15.00

Are you suddenly faced with having to have an induced labour? Have you been offered a labour induction and it sounds great but you don't know what to expect or what's involved? In this self paced learning program we walk you through why inductions are done, how they are done, what to expect from an induced labour and some doula tips and tricks to help make your labour induction more productive and successful. This program is designed to make you change your mind about an induction.  If you've made that decision already, we respect that.  This video is to offer information on what to expect and how to manage your labour when it is being started artificially.  

If after the video you still have questions about your particular situation, you can book a planning session with our Virtual Birth Coach.  $30.00 - Email us to set that up after you have see the video. 






Infant Care Program - $30.00 

You read all about your pregnancy, you planned your birth and watched all the YouTube videos and googled everything and you took classes from various places.  But did you plan for life after baby comes? Do you know the tips to prevent getting peed on? Do you know how often baby should be bathed? What about sleeping and soothing your crying baby? Well have I got the video program for you. 

In this Infant Care Program you will learn all about life with your new human.  

Topics include: 

  • Your newborns strange appearance (Hint: They don't look like 3 month olds like they do on TV)

  • Diapering and dressing (including tips for not getting peed on and how many layers your baby may need)

  • Bathing baby and newborn hygiene 

  • Soothing your crying baby and swaddling

  • Newborn sleep and what to expect (including tips and tricks for getting baby to settle)

  • A Bonus video on skin to skin

  • Extensive printable handouts

  • And more...

If you are still worried about your newborn and managing life with them consider our New Parent Mentoring Program where we connect you with an experienced Postpartum Doula to have them as a virtual resource to ask questions, have video calls and one in person visit per week if necessary.  Avoiding that scary rabbit hole that is a  "Google Search"