Virtual Pre and Postnatal Classes

At this time, hospitals have temporarily cancelled their in person prenatal classes.  However this doesn't mean you can't still learn what is needed to navigate birth, postpartum, breastfeeding and having a newborn.  

Our veteran prenatal teacher has put together two classes that are taught privately on zoom with you and your support person.  

Prenatal Series - Birth, Postpartum and Breastfeeding - $100.00

Designed from a hospital based class, this series combines evidence based information along with holistic strategies and added information for each individual participant, to make it the perfect class just for you. This group class will help get you ready for labour, delivery, the postpartum period and early breast/chest feeding.  

This series consists of 6 classes taught via Zoom Meetings and should be completed before your 37th week of pregnancy.  

Handouts will also be sent via email prior to class beginning and there may be home work, including watching videos and practicing comfort measures.

Each class is approximately 2 hours long, and is taught on a Wednesday night, they are interactive and there is time for as many questions as you need.   

Class 1: Get to know your instructor and Pregnancy Anatomy and Physiology 

Class 2: All About Labour and Delivery and Non-Medical Comfort Measures

Class 3: Medical Interventions and Medical Comfort Measures

Class 4: Cesarean Birth, Baby's First 24 Hours

Class 5: Postpartum Recovery and planning

Class 6: Infant Feeding (You will need your own doll or teddy bear to practice holds and latching)

Weekend Course is also available - Two Saturdays from 10am to 2:30pm - All topics above are covered in this class too. 

Infant Care Class - $50.00

Bringing baby home can feel daunting.  There is so much we don't know about the intricacies of taking care of a baby and sometimes just reading a book isn't enough.  This series consists of 2 classes that are approximately 2.5 hours long.  In this group class we will utilize various evidence and experienced based techniques to help you feel more confident with your baby.  You will need a doll or teddy bear to practice with and any other supplies you may have questions about. 

Class 1: Newborn Appearance, Diapering, Dressing, and Bathing

Class 2: Soothing, Swaddling, Sleep, Bonding and Infant Massage

Your Instructor - Kimberley Fernandez

Kimberley Fernandez has been a doula and childbirth educator for 15 years and is certified by CAPPA as well as being a member in good standing with the Association of Ontario Doulas.  

Kimberley feels her greatest passion is making labour and birth less scary for her clients.  She has also been supporting clients virtually for over a year and has found it can be a valuable form of support when in person isn't available or something you may not be comfortable with and in the case of classes, maybe those classes don't fit your schedule. 

Kimberley is also a mother to three grown children.  She's got the been there done that factor when it comes to birth and baby care.  She is also an avid reader, video game player, writer and podcaster.  

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