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Virtual Postpartum Services


New Parent Mentoring - You've Got Questions? We've Got Answers.

Coming home with a new baby is daunting and scary.  You have so many questions and need reassurance that what's happening is normal.  Or you need to see that your instincts are right and it isn't normal.  But what do you do? Google? There's a terrifying rabbit hole you don't want to go down.  Facebook? Who needs to be judged by a group of internet trolls with nothing better to do than make you feel bad. 

Let us be your personalized Google.  For 7 days, we will answer your questions, between 9am and 9pm with caring support, up to date information and a ridiculous amount of experience working with babies and new families.  

We can answer questions about feeding (body or bottle).  Help with sleep and tips and tricks to get more for you and baby.  Do you have questions about your own recovery? We can help there too.  

And if you are in the GTA, each week will include 1 in person visit to help with feeding or bathing baby or anything else you need. (Dependant on covid case count, governmental restrictions and vaccine status)

Support is offered via Text, Zoom or WhatsApp and can include video to help with feeding. 

Cost: 120$ for the first week (7 days) - additional weeks can be purchased for $100/week

Virtual Postpartum Concierge

Want to plan ahead and get a handle on what to expect in the postpartum period before baby is born? 

Then have a private session with an expert doula who will help you understand what to expect physically and emotionally from your recovery, discuss ways to get more sleep and managing the first few weeks of life with baby.


Topics of discussion could include: 

- Postpartum Recovery - physical and emotional expectations

- Postpartum Recovery - what to have on hand to make things more comfortable

- Postpartum Planning

- Breast/chest feeding basics

- Baby's Sleep expectations


Plus you will get one week of day time questions and two video chats from the doula after baby is born. This time can be used for chest/breastfeeding support, answering feeding questions, sleeping advice and suggestions and helping you ensure that what is happening is normal.  We as postpartum doulas help to ensure confidence in your abilities to care for your baby, and answer your multitude of questions with evidence based information which is always better than googling it.


Support is offered through Zoom and WhatsApp

Cost: $200.00 inclusive

Additional weeks of support can be purchased for $100.00/week

In-Person Postpartum Support

If you are looking for In-Person postpartum support please feel free to contact our Postpartum Coordinator Stephanie for more details and help in arranging support. 

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