Virtual Postpartum Services


Virtual Postpartum Support

While having in person postpartum support is something we can all benefit from, during this time of covid-19 we at the Toronto Doula Group have opted to offer virtual support as opposed to in person.  And while we understand in person support is valuable in offering an extra set of hands we also recognize that postpartum support also looks like answering all the questions you may have when a new baby comes into your home and getting support for feeding baby at the chest.  


We at the Toronto Doula Group have been doing virtual postpartum and breast/chest feeding support since before the current pandemic and are well suited to assist you with your infant feeding concerns, answer new baby questions, offer suggestions for getting more sleep, let you know what to expect and what is normal and not normal, all done virtually.   


Support is offered through text, Zoom, WhatsApp, or phone.  

Postpartum Check In

Includes everything listed above. 

Cost: 50$ for the first initial consultation, 35$ for each consultation afterward. 

Virtual Postpartum Concierge

Want to plan ahead and get a handle on what to expect in the postpartum period before baby is born? 

Then have a private session with an expert doula who will help you understand what to expect physically and emotionally from your recovery, discuss ways to get more sleep and managing the first few weeks of life with baby.


Topics of discussion could include: 

- Postpartum Recovery - physical and emotional expectations

- Postpartum Recovery - what to have on hand to make things more comfortable

- Postpartum Planning

- Breast/chest feeding basics

- Baby's Sleep expectations


Plus you will get one week of day time questions and two video chats from the doula after baby is born. This time can be used for chest/breastfeeding support, answering feeding questions, sleeping advice and suggestions and helping you ensure that what is happening is normal.  We as postpartum doulas help to ensure confidence in your abilities to care for your baby, and answer your multitude of questions with evidence based information which is always better than googling it.


Support is offered through Zoom and WhatsApp

Cost: $130.00 inclusive

Additional weeks of support can be purchased for $100.00/week