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Kimberley Fernandez - Digital Doula


Hi There, my name is Kimberley Fernandez, you can also call me Doula Kim. I specialize in virtual birth support and virtual postpartum support. I have been a certified Birth Worker since 2006 and have supported approximately 180 birthing families and have taught childbirth and infant care classes to roughly 500 families per year.  And this doesn't include the postpartum families I've supported too. 

My philosophy for birth, postpartum and body feeding is about empowerment.  I believe that the best way to give birth and live life with your new human is informed.  So whether you birth your baby vaginally, through your abdomen, with pain medication or without, I feel the more you know about birth and what to expect from it and from your newborn, it will remove the fear of the unknown and make your birth experience more enjoyable and less scary.

I feel like we have been fed scary story after scary story, through television, movies, social media, and stories from friends, family and strangers.  These stories are meant to entertain, be humorous or be told as a joke.  However these stories tend to instil in us feelings of fear and doubt about our abilities to birth.  And I want to change that narrative for you, so you won't feel scared of birth or looking after your newborn or even feeding your newborn. 

I am also the very proud mum of three incredible young adults who are smart, funny and keep me on my toes daily.  

Specialized Packages

Virtual Birth Support - $800.00

Imagine having at your finger tips, a trusted, kind, knowledgeable friend that you can contact for any and all questions you may have.  Having your own personal Google, that will answer your questions specifically to you and your situation, your birth, your baby, your body.  That's me! 

  • I work with birthing parents and their support people during their pregnancy to get them ready for birth.  

  • I'm available in the middle of the night if you feel like labour is starting but you aren't sure.

  • I'm here to answer your questions and help you decide when to go to the hospital so you don't go too soon.   

  • When you are at the hospital, day or night, you can contact me to get support, answer questions, get suggestions for comfort measures and position changes, even with an epidural. 

  • After birth, even before you leave the hospital, I can, through video chats, help with feeding and answer any feeding questions you may have. 

  • Once you get home you have me as your own personal Google for three weeks, to ask questions about feeding, sleep, and life with your new human. 

  • If you are in the GTA, you can also get one in person visit to help with feeding baby at the chest. 

Parent Mentoring - $120/week

You have a new baby, and about a million questions.  But heading down the Google rabbit hole can be overwhelming and scary. Turning to Facebook groups is just as daunting and will likely confuse you even more and likely result in strange and wrong advice. Hiring a Parent Mentor, someone who is there for you, who is knowledgable, and will offer you advice, suggestions and resources that are specific to your situation, without judgement can be invaluable. 


As a Parent Mentor I will:

  • Be available, via phone, text or WhatsApp to answer any questions or concerns you have between 9am and 9pm for seven days. 

  • That support can cover anything you wish, including, infant feeding, infant sleep, tips and tricks for managing daily life with your new human, your own physical and emotional recovery from having a new baby and more. 

  • If you are in the GTA, I can also offer one in person visit to see how feeding is going and help with latching and positioning. 

  • Subsequent weeks can be purchased for $100/week


More Learning Options

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