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Sleep is an important aspect of our development.  And while the reasons why we need sleep are still unknown, we do know that inadequate sleep can affect our physical and mental health.  

When we have a baby, our sleep is definitely disrupted.  And we accept this blip in our sleep journey, hoping that things will get better and we will again get back to getting the sleep we need.  Unfortunately, that doesn't alway happen, and with the plethora of information, advice, theories and techniques out there to help you, it can feel very overwhelming.  

Sleep support needs to be individualized to you and your family.  A one size fits all recommendation may not work for your particular situation, your parenting style or your baby's temperament.   Working with our sleep support program we will create a unique program for you and your family.  Plus we will support you through the journey to answer your questions, tweak the plan and let you know that everything is normal.


Our Sleep Mentoring program supports independent sleep, but not at the expense of attachment and bonding as well as breast/body feeding.  

*Please note, this program does not support and will not recommend extinction to help you get your baby sleeping.  

Sleep Resources

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Free Discovery Chat

Arrange for a free 30 minute zoom chat to see if we would be a good fit to support you and your sleep needs. 

Let’s Work Together

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Toronto Sleep Support

Kim Fernandez is our Sleep Mentor.  She has been a Certified Doula and Certified Childbirth Educator since 2006, having helped hundreds of parents in their birth, postpartum and infant care journeys.  Kim is also a Certified Sleep Consultant, having graduated from the Center For Pediatric Sleep Management.

You can learn more about Kim here! 

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Have you decided that you need a little more support when it comes to getting your baby to maximize their sleep, so that you too can get some zzzz's? 

This package includes: 

  • A comprehensive sleep plan with a couple of options for you to chose from

  • Your plan will include day and night advice

  • A one hour call to discuss your plan and answer any questions you may have

  • Two weeks of text or WhatsApp support between 9am and 9pm to get advice and ask questions

  • Four 30 minute zoom sessions to use during your two weeks of support or once a week after the two weeks has finished

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