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Live Online Classes

These live classes are taught via zoom meeting and are both informative and interactive.  Just because it's online, doesn't mean it can't be fun, and as close to an in-person class as possible, without leaving your home.   And just think, you won't have to worry about parking or using a public bathroom! 

Prenatal 101

This 3 week series covers a variety of topics related to labour, birth, postpartum and infant feeding.  

We could do this in a shorter period of time, but I feel like these rushed crammed classes can feel overwhelming and not give you the full insight of what to expect. 

Topics Include: 

Week One:  All About Vaginal Birth and Medical Procedures, Decision Making

Week Two:  Medical Pain Management (Epidurals!!!) 

 Surgical Birth and Baby's First 24 Hours

Week Three: Postpartum Recovery and Infant Feeding - Breast, Bottle and Pumping

To register,  or ask more questions send an email directly to our instructor Doula Kim



Infant Care Class


Bringing home your new little human can be a daunting task.  And trying to figure it out by diving into a Google rabbit hole may only make your anxiety worse.  

This 2 session interactive class will cover, through discussion, demonstration and videos the following topics: 

  • What your newborn will look like 

  • Diapering and dressing baby

  • Bathing and hygiene

  • Nail and umbilical cord care

  • Soothing and swaddling

  • Infant sleep, what to expect and how to set up a solid sleep foundation for future sleep success

  • Tummy Time and infant massage

To register,  or ask more questions send an email directly to our instructor Doula Kim

Pre-Recorded Webinars

These webinars are offered through the Toronto Doula Group's teaching portal "The Birthing Room" 

Clicking these links will send you to our Thinkific Teaching Portal

Prenatal 101

Prenatal online classes

This class will be available in June 2024

Labour Induction 101

Induction of labour class

Occasionally your labour may need to be started medically, but what does that mean? Often the care providers do not explain fully what is involved in an induction. 

This course covers what to expect and how to manage your induced labour

Relaxation & Comfort Measures For Labour

Relaxation and comfort measures class

Even if you are planning to get an epidural, having a knowledge of where the discomfort is coming from, breathing techniques and physical comfort measures can help get you either to the end of your labour or at least allow you to stay home a little longer.  

New Baby User Manual

newborn care class

The same as the live online infant care class.  This webinar covers everything from diapering and dressing to soothing and sleep. 

You will have access to the class for 6 months to go back and rewatch anything you may have forgotten.

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