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Welcome To The Toronto Doula Group

Welcome to The Toronto Doula Group!

We are experienced Birth Workers,  Childbirth Educators and Certified Sleep Consultants who are committed to removing fear and making your birth and postpartum experience calm and empowering.

Below are buttons to help direct you to find the services and eduction you are looking for. 

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Check out our Freebies Library

These free downloads include: 

  • What To Pack For Your Hospital Birth

  • What To Eat During Labour

  • Postpartum Essentials List

  • Recipe For Frozen Perineum Pads

Live Online and Pre-Recorded Webinars

Our Live On-Line Classes are designed to give you all the info you need, in easy to manage small segments so that you can learn in the comfort of your home, ask your educator all the questions you need and reduce the fear and stress of birth and bringing baby home. 

Available classes: 

  • Prenatal 101

  • New Baby User Manual

We also offer a variety of online prenatal classes that you can watch at your leisure, any time of day, any day of the week, in the comfort of your

own home.  

Classes Include: 

  • Coming Soon - Prenatal 101

  • New Baby User Manual 

  • Relaxation & Comfort Measures Class

  • Breast/Chestfeeding Class

  • Medical Induction Class

  • Birth Plan Activity

  • Hospital Packing Workshop

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Infant Sleep Support

When a new baby comes homes with you, you may find that sleep is elusive. Our sleep mentor can help you with early newborn sleep advice as well as more specific sleep training using a variety of plans that you can choose based on your parenting style and your baby's temperament.


 Our sleep support will work with you to get more sleep, but not at the expense of breastfeeding, bonding or attachment. 

Birth Support

Birth Support is as unique as the birthing parent.  

We have a variety of options for birth support including: 

In-Person Birth Support

Digital Doula (Virtual Support)

Digital Doula Lite (Just a little virtual support, before and after the hospital)

Digital Doula Lite + (Same as our Lite package but with more postpartum support 


Virtual Postpartum Support

Coming home with a new baby is daunting.  You have so many questions and need reassurance that everything is okay. 

But Googling things can be a scary rabbit hole you don't want to go down. 

Let us be your personalized Google.

We can answer your questions about feeding, sleep, your own personal recovery and more. Click below for more details.

Blog - Pregnancy, Birth & More

Check out our weekly articles and series on everything pregnancy, birth, infant care and infant feeding. 

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