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Virtual parenting support
virtual parenting support

Let me be your Google. 

Coming home with a new baby is daunting and scary.  You have so many questions and need reassurance that what's happening is normal.  Or you need to see that your instincts are right and it isn't normal.  But what do you do? Google? There's a terrifying rabbit hole you don't want to go down.  Facebook?  Who needs to be judged by a group of internet trolls with nothing better to do than make you feel bad or offer incorrect and biased advice. 

Let me be your personalized Google.  For 7 days, I will answer your questions, between 9am and 9pm with caring support, up to date information and a ridiculous amount of experience working with babies and new families.  

I can answer questions about feeding (body or bottle).  Help with sleep and tips and tricks to get more for you and baby.  Do you have questions about your own recovery? I can help there too.  


Support is offered via Phone, Text, Zoom or WhatsApp and can include video chats to help with feeding. 

Basic Package:

- $120 for the first week (7 days) - additional weeks can be purchased for $100/week

Dial-A-Doula Plus:

-  $250.00 - Get a week of virtual postpartum support as listed above with the added support of two weeks of virtual support before labour.  Starting at 38 weeks, let me answer your questions on "Is this labour?" "Did my water just break?" "What should I pack in my hospital bag." Plus one zoom meeting to create a birth wish list (birth plan).  Also, if you are suddenly faced with an induction, we can discuss your options and how manage a labour that will be medically started.  

- If you go into labour before 40 weeks, any time left can be added to the postpartum side.  

Special New Parent Package: 

- Three weeks (21 days) of support plus free access to my Virtual Infant Care Class for just $300.00  - additional weeks can be purchased for $100/week

For more questions please feel free to email me and set up a time to chat or fill out the form below and I will contact you to set that time up. 

Let’s Work Together

Tel: 416-269-9029

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