Having A Back-Up! What Is It All About?

During your doula training discussion of having a reliable back up is minimally discussed, and yet is an aspect of your business that is vitally important. In fact when interviewing a potential client they will often ask about happens if you have another client in labour at the same time. On the most basic level, a back up is a doula you know or know of, that has agreed to step in for you at a birth or a postpartum gig, at the last minute, should you be at another birth or become ill or if you are away for a period of time close to your clients due date. Common practice for a birth doula that has to call in their back up, is that they will pay the back up a certain amount per hour up to 50%

Birth Doula Contracts - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

When you become a doula, even if you are doing pro-bono births to start, its important to have a well produced contract that will protect not only you but your family and your client. A contract is meant to specify what each individual is responsible for. For the doula, your contract should include what your scope of practice is. Outlining that you are non-medical and will not preform medical procedures such as vaginal exams or check blood pressure. Being specific about what you do include in your services, such as emotional support, out lining different positions, massage, or use of massage tools or TENS units and informational support, however, you should highlight that you do not make

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