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Newborn Must Haves Part 5 - The Extras!

We've talked about the other "must haves" that fit nicely into categories but there are definitely other must haves that can make life with baby easier and safer.

Baby Carrier

This is one item I wish everyone would put on their baby registry. My completely biased preference for baby carriers is a wrap. I don't have a preference for brand, they are pretty much the same, but I think the long piece of jersey material wrap is an excellent option.

  • You can use a wrap with baby from day one. This can be an excellent option for keeping baby close, skin to skin, and keeping baby in their natural habitat, your chest.

  • The long piece of material is great for both parents and won't need to be a difference size (you only have to purchase one) or have the straps adjusted between baby's care givers.

  • Allows you to be hands free and still give baby what they need. Babies want to be held a lot in the early days and weeks. Having a carrier allows you to do that but still be able to do things, like have a cup of tea, go for a walk, put away

Car Seat

If you drive, having a car seat is the single most important purchase you will make. When you look at the budget, don't skimp on the car seat.

  • Do not buy a used car seat or use a hand-me down. Car seats have expiry dates and it's important to know the history of your car seat too, has it been in an accident? Micro cracks can become major crack and serious issues if you are in an accident.

  • Your car seat should be purchased in Canada, if you live in Canada. Canada holds very strict standards for infant products. Shopping for sales in the US for your car seat is not recommended.

Diaper Bag

Babies come with a lot of gear. For any outing you are going to need a functional bag that can hold:

  • 5-10 diapers, wipes and bum cream.

  • An extra set of clothes

  • Ziplock bag for dirty diapers or clothes

  • Bottles

  • Some toys for distraction or teething

  • Extra pacifiers

  • All your purse items

My preference is for a bag that can be worn across your body or a back pack. I know this isn't traditional for a diaper bag but if I didn't have to keep hiking the bag up on my shoulder I could carry my baby easier, transfer them to the stroller easier and have two hands free. Plus I have shoulders that won't hold a purse easily and when it slips off my shoulder it frustrates me.


It's important to have a new thermometer to check for temperatures should baby become sick. The best way to check baby's temperature is rectally. But if that concerns you, try under the arms or on the forehead. Using an ear thermometer isn't recommended until baby is over 3 months of age.

I hope you found this helpful. Search the rest of the blog for other Must Haves. And you can always check out my Virtual Infant Care class.


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