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Newborn Must Haves Part Seven - NOT Recommended

When we become pregnant, out friends and family who have already been through the process will begin to dump all their used baby stuff on you. The clothes, great! Take them! But some of the other items you may want to pass on. Let's discuss the items that may be better off out of your home.

Second Hand Crib

It's nice to be able to save money when you have a baby, they can be quite expensive. However, taking a used crib from friends and family or buying second hand could be the wrong way to save money.

Depending on the age of the crib, most now a days, do not have drop sides. Several years ago, these were found to be dangerous. Sides were dropping unexpectedly, or the slide mechanisms are pinching baby causing injury.

Plus, you do not want to use a crib was manufactured prior to 1987 as those cribs have the bars or spindles placed too far apart and could cause baby to get their heads stuck between them.

If you are going to use a second-hand crib from a trusted source, one without drop sides, make sure you have all the pieces and screws, so it doesn’t accidentally fall apart. And use a new, well fitting, firm mattress for safe sleep.

Second Hand Car Seat

Did you know car seats have an expiry date? They do. The life expectancy of a car seat is 5 years. Using a hand-me down car seat that is older than 5 years could be dangerous. With the deterioration of the moulded plastic and wear and tear on the buckle mechanisms it could mean baby isn’t safe in an accident, even a small fender bender.

Plus, it’s important to know if the car seat has been in an accident or dropped. Small micro cracks could compromise the integrity of the seat and cause it to fall apart or be catastrophically damaged in even a small accident.

Look at your budget and discard the frivolous stuff and put that money toward a safe car seat. Plus make sure you purchase that seat in Canada (or your home country) so that it meets the safety regulations. For the Canadians, going to the U.S. to purchase a car seat, that does not meet the higher safety regulations that Canada has could compromise your insurance should you have an accident.

Bumper Pads

Decorating baby’s room is one of the joys of being pregnant. And we envision a crib that’s pretty, with a lovely bumper pad, matching blanket, pillow, and toys. However, all these things in baby’s sleep area can be dangerous.

The bumper pads were originally designed to prevent baby from getting caught in the bars of the crib. But we fixed that problem back in 1987. Now the pretty bumper pads can be a suffocation hazard if baby rolls into them over night and then can’t roll back. Plus, one of the safe sleep requirements is good air flow around baby and bumper pads can prevent that from happening.

Baby’s sleep surface should be flat, and bare beyond a snug fitted sheet. I know it looks like baby jail but its safe.

Head Positioners & Pillows

Safe to say, given the previous paragraph, pillows are unnecessary. But what about head positioners. These pillow like items that will keep baby’s head positioned looking up are dangerous. They are, apparently, used to prevent flat head. However, baby sleeping in their crib overnight, does not cause flat head. (I will another article on flat head at another time)

What these positioners do is prevent baby from moving their head from side to side, should they spit up in the night and possibly make baby choke. Baby’s natural reflexes will cause baby to sleep with their head turned to the side, so that if they do spit up at night, the spit up will fall out their mouth, instead of down their throat.

So please, nix the head positioners to ensure baby is safe when they sleep.

Other Items That Are Unnecessary

These items are unnecessary and are at great risk for injury:

· Baby powder – Suffocation hazard if inhaled by baby

· Infant cotton swabs – damage to the ear drum and pushing any wax or vernix further into the ear.

· Baby walkers – they are illegal to purchase in Canada

· Bibs for newborns – They are not necessary for newborns and can be a choking or strangulation hazard

· Wipe warmers – yes, these can grow bacteria and transfer it to baby.

· Baby oil – it serves no purpose. If you need oil for their body or hair, consider using coconut oil instead. Plus, if baby oil gets on baby’s hands they can ingest it when they suck on their hands or fingers.

Be careful with the fancy new and popular items that may pop up on social media. These new-fangled items could be more dangerous than in the long run. Keep it simple and go with the basics. It’s all you really need.

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